Reception & Lobby Desk Area Security

Private Security Guard Service Inc. provides professional and dependable security guards for your building entrances, exits, and parking garages. Each of our guards is well-trained and qualified to keep a close watch on your property at all times. Our security guards are highly-trained, and we recruit them from the best candidates.
They will protect your business from any threats, starting from the moment they begin their shift at your property: we work with receptionists and lobby personnel, who can trust our guards to provide an added level of security to their workplaces. Your office, store, or warehouse can be safe and sound with the help of Private Security Guard Service Inc.. We provide security guards to keep your building safe and secure by ensuring the safety of life, property, and valuables. Our security guards will act as the first line of defense when something goes wrong in your company. In addition to that, we also conduct a routine check of the premises including entrances/exits, parking lot, and adjacent areas with an aim to prevent any possible danger.
Our security officers are well-trained and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to deal with any type of situation that may arise during their duty hours. We also assist by handling any incidents so that your receptionists do not have to. They may concentrate on their regular tasks rather than worrying about safety hazards when they should be doing their work.