Has your home been suffering from a lack of security? Are you concerned about the condition of your unlocked windows, doors, and garage? Have you noticed valuables missing or people lurking around your property at night? Our trained Private Security Guard Service Inc. professionals are here to help. We’ll create an effective security plan for your home that will safeguard it against thieves, fires, and other disasters.
Our private home security guards are highly trained professionals with years of expertise providing VIP and CEO protection, to superstars, musicians, politicians, and bankers. Our specialists have worked in high-security environments and can address any threat by following the strictest guidelines when patrolling a client’s property.
We offer a security guard service for residential clients that want to employ guards to protect their homes. We will send our trained employees to patrol your property, and they’ll make certain that no one gets inside. Our customized approach allows us to be flexible with our client’s needs, and we’ll collaborate with you to create a plan that is suited to your individual circumstances.