Your business, or your residence and its contents, can be destroyed by an unexpected fire. Our fire watch guards keep an eye out for anything that could cause a fire, such as flammable goods improperly stored, cigarettes left unattended, and other issues with electrical wiring. In addition, they keep meticulous records for the benefit of local authorities and insurance companies.
Fire watch guards are alert and knowledgeable about potential fire hazards. They provide continual patrol, monitoring, and identification of fire dangers necessary to protect your business or residence from potentially devastating fires. In the event of a fire, their work and presence help minimize damage. They have advanced training and knowledge to stop fires before they get out of control.
Private Security Guard Service Inc. provides fire watch protection for your company, ensuring that nothing can get out of control and cause property damage or loss of life. OSHA regulations are enforced by our fire prevention experts — ensuring compliance. In the event of a fire, our guards will alert the fire department as well as administrative staff allowing swift action to be taken to minimize damage to your property.