Private Security Guard Service Inc. understands the importance of security in an entertainment venue. As a result, we offer a full range of security services to diverse entertainment venues such as film and television studios, casinos, amusement parks, athletic events, and others. We take pleasure in providing a safe environment for artists and teams during the filming process. Likewise, we proactively prevent risks associated with stalking, trespassing, and theft at shooting locations and facilities.
We have a team of highly trained security officers who are ready to help with everything from crowd control to access control. If something goes wrong, our security management staff is ready to work with local law enforcement and medical officials in the event of an emergency.
At Private Security Guard Service Inc. Crowd and Parking Control systems make events safe and secure by preventing unauthorized individuals from entering your area or filming location. Our Automatic time-sheet tracking system tracks staff time sheets automatically in real-time, enabling you to manage your security operation effectively with minimal effort on your part.