Private Security Guard Service Inc. offers custom security solutions for construction sites. We can help you with everything from site protection and theft prevention to guarding your workforce’s personal belongings. Our team of security officers is highly trained, experienced and ready to act in any situation. You can rest assured that your construction site will be safe and secure with our security guards on the job.
Construction site security guards protect the safety of the personnel and the materials on the site. Security is an essential component of every construction project. Vandals, thieves, and disgruntled neighborhood members can cause damage and destruction to a building site. Construction security guards protect both property and people on your job site. Security guards make certain that no trespassers enter the premises preventing vandalism and theft of personal belongings such as tools. If there are injuries or threats on the building site, the security guards act as an emergency response team.
Private Security Guard Service Inc. offers comprehensive construction site security services for all construction sites. We can safeguard against theft and vandalism, as well as provide regular patrols of your construction site at night, thus keeping it safe and secure.