Private Security Guard Service Inc. has been in business for a long time, and understands what it takes to keep your school, college, and university safe. Not only are our security guards educated in self-defense and dispute resolution, but they also have a keen eye for problems. They will be able to spot problems before they escalate, allowing you to act quickly and keep your students, instructors, and staff safe.
A security guard can give you the peace of mind and assistance you need to meet your security needs. Our security guards are highly trained experts who receive certification. They’ve spent years defending schools, colleges, and universities around the country, so they’ll never stop until you’re completely satisfied with the job they do.
We provide security guards for various types of establishments. You can choose from our list of services and hire a guard that best fits your needs. Our guards are fully trained and receive ongoing training to keep their skills sharp. We send trained guards to your site when you choose Private Security Guard Service Inc. They will ensure that all parts of your campus are protected from attackers by offering round-the-clock security.